Tamiya Tiger 1 1/16 Scale with Graupner Smoke Units

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Tamiya Tiger 1 1/16 Scale with Graupner Smoke Units
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Dorking Tank Factory

The smoke comes from two Graupner units tucked away in the baffles. A simple switched(and fresh!) 9v battery in the turret powers both units. For a full how to article visit the UK tank club site where its all explained and has numbers where you can get the units.


Dorking Tank Factory
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This was another "semi wreck" but no where near as bad as The King Tiger. The previous owner had smoked so much that I could still smell the smoke after Id rebuilt and repainted the damn thing! The figure is a Dragon 1/18 prebuilt figure as I hate painting figures, dont know why just cant do it. The back will soon be as busy as the KT as Ive about 3ilbs of Bulldogs stowage to go on the back once its painted.
Like all RC models this is not for driving indoors. One slip of the finger(ooer missus) and your precious investment flies off the table and back into the workshop for two months!

Dorking Tank Factory

Shit were on FIRE!

The only trouble is that with new batteries it really flippin smokes

Im not hunting WABBITS