R/C 1/6 scale JGSDF Light Armoured vehicle

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R/C 1/6 scale JGSDF Light Armoured vehicle
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1/6 Scale Radio Control Japanese Self Defence Force Light Armoured Vehicle
Iraq 2004

On patrol in IRAG
C Dorking Tank Factory

With a crew of four the JGSDF Light Armoured Vehicle is fitted with a 160hp liquid-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine, allowing it to reach top speeds of 100km/h. Weighing just 4.5 tons, it is able to be carried by a CH-47J helicopter or C-130H transport air¬craft for emergency air-drops.
The gun mount on the roof can be fitted with a 5.56mm MINIMI machine gun or Type 01 Light Anti-Tank Guided Missile. Vehicles deployed to the Iraq town of Samawa in 2004 were fitted with reinforced bullet-proof windshields and extra equip¬ment such as wire cutters, updating it to the standards of light armoured vehicles of other nations. Many vehicles also featured an armoured cover around the gun mount for extra protection. Due to the historical signifi¬cance of the JGSDF Samawa reconstruction mission, the JGSDF Light Armoured Vehicle gained much international attention in 2004.

Photo of Actual Vehicle

In Service in IRAQ

The Basis for the model is a Chinese so called 1/4 scale rc model only available on The scale is very iffy and scales out far closer to 1/6th than 1/4 as stated, lucky us eh?.
The body shell is very detailed for something that is essentially sold as a toy. It comes with a crappy rocket launcher on the roof, a humvee turret and rocket launchers that pop up from under the bonnet, YUCK!
All this went and was replaced by a tiny Tamiya digital speed controller rigged to s standard Acoms 2 channel r/c unit giving the truck full proportional radio speeds. New ultra bright LED's were rigged in the lights and tail and a Graupner smoke unit rigged in the exhaust system.
For added detail two OGAWA Dragon figures were added to the crew cabin but unfortunatly only half figs as the chassis is very high in the body so the poor buggers had to be cut in half! A false back wall was rigged with plasticard and sprayed black to hide the rest of the interior. A third OGAWA figure(complete this time ) resides in the turret crewing a Dragon SAW nicked, sorry, on loan, from CRISPY. Cheers Brov.
The original toy comes with a very detailed but ultimately wrong humvee turret. The actual vehicle has a very complx octaganal turret and hatches which is a mare to scratchbuild accurately from photos. To get round this the Tamiya kit was purchased and the relevant parts scaled up to size for a pattern. A new turret and gun mount were then constructed from plasticard. The wire cutters were constructed from plasticard and detailed with resin bolts from Hannants resin catalogue.
The whole kit including suspension and under running gear was sprayed in TS70 which Tamiya released especially for this Kit. 8 CANS worth! They were then weathered heavily with Tamiya and Humbrol sprays from both an Airbrush and cans

New decals were created in Photoshop and Quark and run on our Epson digital printer on high quality self adhesive vinyl paper to complete the kit.


The crew are from Dragon and are the correct JGSDF OGAWA figures. Two however have met with a slightly grisly fate as they had to be cut in half to fit in the cab!



The turret was scratch built using parts from the new Tamiya Kit scaled up to 1/6 size. And still it was a flipping nightmare to do!


The model has headlights, taillights, convoy light( a small light under the rear axle) and smoke coming out of the exhaust from a 6v Graupner smoke unit.


The tyres are due to be swapped out for some slightly less bulbous and more accurate ones as found by Kieran on the one sixscale forum(cheers for the lead Kieran)


Guarding The High Ground

Sunset at Bovington Tankfest 2006
Before it started pissing down!

Bulldogs Cally and Lav next to mine
If Only the Sunday had been like this!